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Welcome to your website, designed to help you apply for funding or to donate to furthering sabre fencing because our young fencers need help.

We are here to help sabre fencers succeed.

We want everyone to enjoy the amazing sport of sabre fencing. But that requires money as you’ll see from our donations page. Why should you be put off just because you don’t come from a wealthy background? You shouldn’t be. If you have a passion or a talent you should be able to pursue that to the best of your ability. So apply for a grant and if we can, we will help. It’s early days so the grants will have to be small but we’d love to help if we can.

A registered charity: Charity Registration Number 1189637

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The objects of the CIO are:

The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation by the provision of financial assistance to enable members of the public to participate in the sport of sabre fencing at all levels.



The charity was formed as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) on 22 May 2020 in order to provide a vehicle for those wishing to support sabre fencing specifically as well as to provide Sabre Fencers with a specific place to seek funding to help them fulfill their aspirations no matter what their background



The founding trustees are all sabre fencers who want to make a difference and have benefitted themselves from the joys of sabre fencing. There are three trustees: Jacqueline Esimaje-Heath, Mo Mansoori and Peter Howes.

Helping sabre fencers of all levels succeed

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Hello Mo!

We are absolutely delighted to let you know that Mo Mansoori has joined The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation as a Trustee. Many of you will know Mo, with his infectious smile, good sportsmanship and kindness. Mo started fencing after seeing it on TV at the age of 12. He has competed in sabre events since…

Thank you Pat

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Pat Aiyenuro, one of our founding trustees, who recently resigned in order to allow her to be more effective in the other roles which she holds. These include, of course, her role as a Board Director of British Fencing. Without Pat’s invaluable help setting up the…