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Fencing at European Championships to cost each fencer over £600.

We have very recently learned that the cost to the athlete, of being selected and having the privilege to represent GBR at the Senior European Championships is about £640 per athlete, not taking into account the cost of any personal coach – probably about £70 – £100 per athlete on top – so potentially a whopping £710 or more!

Some athletes are in distress! So we are letting you know and asking for your help.

You can see the detail from British Fencing here

What the athletes see when they are accepting their places is this:

Fencer costs for the Euros

Add to that flight costs of about £200 and you have £640 plus some food not included in the half board accommodation.

Add to that a personal coach if you have one, and you have all their costs potentially split across between 4 or 8 fencers, depending on the weapon. So, let’s assume the coach has a £200 flight, £300 accommodation as they could stay for the team event, transfers of £40 and food. So that’s at least £540 ignoring any coaching fee. Split between the maximum of 8 fencers gives you a minimum of £67 per fencer. Let’s round to £70.

So the minimum is £640 and this can grow to £710 or more.

Some athletes and their parents simply can not afford this without help.

We were recently asked by one already very generous donor, how we were for funds and we thought we were ok for now, but we were wrong. With the Europeans now, and the Worlds to come, we would be very grateful for some more donations so we can help athletes who are really struggling financially.

Who for?

Only for those who really need it, and even then not the full amount but up to 50% of the estimated basic costs levied by British Fencing. We are very pleased to say we have committed to one payment of £320 in response to a request for help.

How much?

Please let us have as much or as little as you can afford.

Don’t you have any money left from previous donations?

We have £1056 in the bank, of which £735 is earmarked for paying for the Euros800 purchased by Peter Howes, trustee on behalf of the foundation to pay for the last two team entry fees. However he is deliberately not taking payment at the moment so the charity has some cash in the bank. That basically only leaves £321 of actual funds.

Can I gift aid it?

Yes you certainly can.

Are there other ways to donate?

Yes, the best way is really to set up a standing order or single contribution direct to the charity’s bank account onthe donations page. Sorry the gift aid for that needs a separate form at the moment. We’re working on making it easier in the future.

Please also explore the other ways to support and get in touch with any offers of non financial help too.

Thank you very much for reading this and for all your support. The fencers all really appreciate what you are doing for them.

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