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You really helped Luke get to the Euros! Thank you!

We had great pleasure, on your behalf, in helping Luke Haynes get to the Euros in Antalya once he had been selected.

This is what he had to say to you afterwards 🙂

Luke frankly didn’t want to ask for funding, but we encouraged him, as we noticed he was really quite worried about how he was ever going to afford to go. Not surprising given the costs involved and which we mentioned in an earlier update post.

On the back of his performance in Antalya, both as an individual and as a valued team member, Luke will be off to Cairo for the World Championships. Again with a little help from your good selves.

We’d also like to thank Luke for making this video and letting us into his thoughts and emotions.

Why should you be helping fund GBR teams at major championships?

All the fencers still have to pay a large amount to represent their country and this is definitely not a good state of affairs. But that is the situation at present due both to the funds available and to the way in which those funds are allocated by British Fencing. So some fencers really need our help after they have put in so much effort and made sacrifices to be the best they can be. We try to help boost morale via The Sabre Club and financially via the charity.

Please donate more so we can help these and future young fencers to be the best they can be and to inspire others as well.

Thank you.

How can you contribute?

Sign up to and choose The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation if you use Amazon.

If you are selling stuff on Ebay or could be, when you list an item choose the charity ribbon and select The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation – the variable fees are reduced by the same percentage as your percentage contribution to the charity.

Make a direct donation via PayPal on the website. Plenty of buttons everywhere you look – sorry.

Make a direct bank transfer if you like – bank details on the website too.

Maybe you have time or expertise? If you might be able to help please get in touch.

So please do pay us a visit if you haven’t before or come back again if you have.

On behalf of the fencers and the trustees, thank you very much for your support.


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