Want to make a difference?

Got some skills? Or enthusiasm for sabre? Or just want to help young people develop?

Why not become a trustee?!

We need your help.

We didn’t want to ask until you’d got to know us a bit – either directly or through the work we do via The Sabre Club – but now we really need your help.

It’s not an election, there’s room for more than one. In fact we would like a few with different skill sets and different points of view to complement eachother. We think a bit of debate is healthy and we like to listen and perhaps be persuaded.

You might think we doing things wrong and have a better idea. You might be right. We’d like to hear from you. We might disagree of course, but we will certainly gain from the input and thank you for it. So we would still like to hear from you.

So please just write to Peter Howes, Chair of the trustees via email to or by messenger or on the sabre club Facebook page or twitter. Any way will do, just get in touch 🙂

If not a trustee, how about becoming a volunteer?

We need volunteers too even if Beth Davidson is doing a splendid job, which she definitely is. We will definitely appreciate your help and do everything we can to help you help us and so help the fencers, organisers, coaches, referees, parents and others involved in sabre who we care so much about.

So please don’t be shy. is still the address to use.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

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