We currently have 3 Funds

General donations requests for funding

Donate to the general fund via PayPal here

Fund team entries for Senior Sabre – Men and Women (£3000 required)

Donate specifically to Senior Sabre via PayPal here

Campaigns run

  • General Fund
  • Equipment Fund
  • Senior Sabre Teams Fund

Most people choose to donate to the General Fund, which can be used for any purpose.

If you donate to the Equipment Fund your donations will be used solely for the provision of equipment for the use of fencers. The equipment will remain the property of The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation or of The Sabre Club, which is wholly owned by the foundation.

Donating to the Senior Sabre Teams Fund will direct your funds specifically to that cause.

All general admin expenses are applied against the general fund. These, including the cost of operating the bank account, are currently covered by donations from the trustees.

Gift Aid received is applied to the fund to which the underlying donations were made.


Actual £
Disbursed in 21/22 Season
Athens Women’s Team fee 361.12
Budapest Men’s Team fee372.67
Istanbul Women’s Team fee352.73
Tunis Women’s Team fee352.73
Madrid Men’s Team fee352.73
Individual fencer support European Champs320.00
Individual fencer support World Champs500.00
Total grants disbursed to 31 August 20212,611.98

All funds received up to 12 March 2022 are for either the General Fund or in response to the fundraisers for the senior team entries.

Donations received/funds available

There is a delay between PayPal funds being raised from campaigns and the funds being received. However these are mostly free of charges.

Financial position

As at 1 January 2022 the combined bank and PayPal balance (£26.25)was £382.78.

Latest position

The bank balance as at 21 Octdober 2022 was £752.21 after receipt of £424.46 in Gift Aid related to donations received to the end of September 2022