The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The trustees manage the affairs of the CIO and each have a duty to exercise their powers in good faith in a way most likely to further the purposes of the CIO and to exercise reasonable skill and care in doing so.

Each of the trustees brings with them extensive experience of sabre fencing and a range of skills and experience beyond the world of sabre fencing.

Jacqueline Esimaje-Heath

Jacqui has been a competitive fencer for over twenty years, and is a member of the Great Britain and England Veteran fencing squads.  ​She has competed at five World Championships, was an Olympic qualifier in 2004 and bronze medallist at the 2019 Veterans World Championships. She established the Fencing Futures Trust in 2019, to improve equality and diversity and widen BME community access into an expensive and historically elitist sport.

Jacqui is one of the first trustees and was appointed on 22 May 2020 for an initial term of 3 years.

Mo Mansoori

Mo started fencing after seeing it on TV at the age of 12. He has competed in sabre events since the age of 15. He has fenced at numerous World Cup and satellite events at Senior level for Great Britain achieving a career high of ranked 106 in the world, as well as success at domestic level. More recently he returned to the sport after a several years and started competing at Veteran events too achieving a gold medal in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships for Scotland. Mo has also been a qualified sabre coach through BAF for over 15 years and completed a safeguarding course in 2020.

Mo is involved in his company’s charity committee and is passionate to see the sport of sabre fencing reach a wider population than it currently does, especially where financial constraints could inhibit participation. 

Mo was appointed for an initial term of three years from 7 September 2022.

Peter Howes

Peter has been fencing on and off since his father started coaching him in the back garden at the age of 8. His older son, Anton was a keen sabreur and competed in a number of Junior World Cups. Nick is still an active sabre fencer and coach and has chosen sabre fencing as a career which has given Peter some valuable insights. He recently completed the Introduction to Coaching Fencing course, a safeguarding course and a first aid course to better understand what is currently required of coaches and fencers.

Peter was one of the original trustees and his initial term was for 2 years to 22 May 2022 at which date his term was renewed for a further 3 years to 22 May 2025.

Patricia Aiyenuro

Pat has been involved in fencing for over a decade and was awarded a British Empire Medal in 2017 for her services to the sport.  She was Lead Performance Team Manager for the Sabre  Junior World Cup fencing squad for a number of years before being elected to the board of British Fencing.
Through her work with Camden Fencing Club, she has been successful in making fencing available to those who wouldn’t normally have access to the sport.  Her tireless enthusiasm and selfless dedication is an inspiration to everyone she knows and in the world of fencing.

Pat was one of the initial trustees and was originally appointed for a term of 4 years from 22 May 2020. Pat resigned as of 14 August 2022.